Research Department (SRIB&M) Scientific-Research Institute for Binders and Materials named after V.D.Glukhovsky and Certification Body “SEPROBUDKTUBA”

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Кривенко Павло Васильович
DSc (Eng), Professor
Pavel Krivenko
Head of the Research Department (SRIB&M)

Structure and staff of the Research Department
Number of staff members, in total – 15, including: DSc(Eng) – 1, PhD – 4, without academic degree – 10.
Number of part-time staff members, in total – 4, including: DSc(Eng) – 1, PhD – 3, without academic degree – 0.

Research activities

Scientific school is a world leader in alkali-activated materials research and product development. Research activities cover:
“Regularities of advanced alkali-activated cementitious materials development which would be similar to natural zeolite-like minerals and determine their durability for the use in both civil engineering (mortars, concretes, composites etc.) and non-civil engineering applications (ship-, machine- manufacturing, metallurgy (adhesives, glues, bonds, etc.), mining industry, immobilization of toxic and radioactive wastes within final products for their long-term safety disposal”.

Research work that can be performed on request of third-party organizations

  • to reveal regularities under which properties of mineral systems of alkaline and alkaline– alkaline earth aluminosilicate composition change;
  • development of advanced cementitious materials and binders that are alternatives to Portland cement, as well as materials of hydration and contact hardening on their basis and ceramic materials using a wide range of natural materials and industrial by-products and wastes;
  • the development of alkali-activated cementitious materials, inclusive of adhesives, glues, with a wide range of special properties (high strength and strength gain, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, high density) intended for the use in civil engineering and non-civil engineering applications, mining etc.