Head of the Research Department (SRIB&M)

Pavel Krivenko
Pavel Krivenko
Head of the Research Department (SRIB&M)

Head of the Research Department (SRIB&M) is Professor Pavel Krivenko.

Education: 1961‒ the Dnepropetrovsk Civil Engineering Institute (diploma “construction technology engineer”; 1971 ‒ PhD; 1986 – DSc (Eng).
Other training: 1974- 1975 a visiting research fellow at the Pennsylvania State University and Carnegie Mellon University (USA)(supervisor: Professor Della Roy).

Carrier history/Employment record/Position held:
1969 ‒ 1991. The specialized scientific-research laboratory of soil silicates (Head);
1991 ‒ currently.The Scientific- Research Institute for Binders and Materials named after V.D.Glukhovsky of the Kiev National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Director).
1994 ‒ currently. The Certification Body “SEPROBUDKTUBA” of the Kiev National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Head).
Main professional achievements:
Professor in Building Materials of Kiev National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (1987);
The State Prize of Ukraine Winner in science and engineering (1999);
Laureate of the Award named after K.K. Seminsky (1990);
Laureate of the Award of the Academy of Ukraine for construction named after M.S. Budnikov (2003);
Honorary inventor of the USSR; acting member of the Academy of Ukraine for Engineering Sciences and of the Academy of Ukraine for Construction;
Honorary Professor of the Chongqing University of Construction and Architecture, Chongqing, P.R.China;
Visiting professor of the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic;
Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)(USA);
Scientific consultant of the Advanced Materials Rеseаrch Institute of Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology, Shenzhen, P.R. China;
Expert of “Grant Agency”, Czech Republic, member of the editorial board of the journal “Sustainable Cement - Based Materials” (Publisher: “Taylor & Francis”);
Acting member of technical committees of “RILEM” (France)(www.rilem.net): “Alkali - activated materials” (2008-2012), “Durability Testing of Alkali - activated Materials” (2013- currently);
“Recognized Reviewer” (journals of “Elsevier Limited”) (2014);
Chairman of two international conferences on alkali- activated materials;
Member of International Advisory Committee of XIII Congress on the Chemistry of Cement, Madrid, Spain (2011);
Scientific Editor of the Russian version of journal Cement International (Germany);
Recognized Reviewer of Elsevier's journals (Construction & Building Materials and other)(2014-current);
Co-chair of International Technical Committee, The second International Conference on Advances in Chemically-activated Materials, P.R.China; Vice Chair of Organizing Committee and keynote speaker of the International Conference on Alkali-Activated Cements and Concretes, P.R.China.
Chairman of the Specialized Council at the Kiev National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the Higher Attestation Committee of Ukraine for Awarding PhD and DSc(Eng) (2004 - currently).
Member of the Specialized Council of the Ministry of Ukraine for Education and Science.

More than 500 publications, among them 16 monograph books, 4 text-books; more than USSR author’s certificates, patents of Ukraine and foreign patents.

Teaching activities:
Supervisor of more than 22 PhD students and 5 DSc students.


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