Scientific and Research Activities of The University

The efforts of scientists of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) aimed to ensure the development of the basic and applied research as a basis for the preparation of teachers, engineers and scientists in the following priority areas: quality improvement on the architectural design and construction efficiency; development of effective building structures and improvement the methods of their design calculation; improvement in technology, organization, economics and management of construction and reconstruction of objects; development of energy efficiency and resource-saving technologies, construction and installation work in difficult construction environment; development, improvement and maintenance of construction equipments; increased efficiency of topographical in the construction; occupational safety and health and the environment.

The scientists of the University are actively involved in the implementation of scientific research projects , commissioned by the different government organizations and the ministries of Ukraine like Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports, the State Agency for Science, Innovation and Informatization, Ministry of Regional Development of Building Construction and Communal Services, Ministry of defense, Ministry of ecology and Natural Resources, Ministry of Emergencies, Ministry of Finance and others.

Scientific departments of the University performs research and project design works on the construction, architecture and production of new building materials and structures; conduct engineering hydrological and meteorological, ecological and environmental geological surveys; develop the urban planning documentation; design the internal and external network systems of the construction; develop the technological design of engineering structures, develop the special engineering design in the field of construction and re-construction of buildings and structures. The results of the research are being used to update the Government Building Codes and Standard of Ukraine.

The University staff maintains close relations with Ukrainian Academies of Sciences and CIS scientific-technical institutions, involved in international joint research projects with well-known foreign companies as well as actively participates in the work of international organizations.

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