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Wolters Kluwer Every month the access is provided to one of the thematic collections. The collection is changed on the first working day of each month, so do not forget to check up regularly for the new available resources.

9 powerful specialized databases are provided on a common platform OvidSP:

  • INSPEC - popular abstract database from various areas of the natural sciences;
  • ICONDA - construction;
  • ECONLIT - economy;
  • MathSci - mathematics;
  • Wilson Social Sciences Abstracts - social sciences;
  • Wilson Humanities Abstracts - humanities;
  • Wilson Business Abstracts - economy;
  • Wilson Art - art;
  • Wilson Applied Science & Technology - Applied Science and Technology.
    EDTEWEB EDTE World Energy Base contains more than 4 million bibliographic records. More than 200,000 articles are available in full text.
    Springer Collection of the journals, Springer (since 1997).
    Publisher Published Material
    Google Scholar Information searching system, orientated on the search of the scientific literature on various fields from different sources which includes review articles, theses, books, abstracts and reports, published scientific literature by professional associations, universities and other research organizations; Google modification.
    Google Book Search World e-library of books.
    Scirus Research-oriented search system. It searches more than 450 million specialized scientific web pages (Latin), which contain scientific, educational, technical and medical literature (the latest reports, review articles, patents, preprints and magazines).
    DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals - about 3 thousand of full-text scientific journals (about 200 000 articles) in all fields of knowledge in different languages.
    arXiv The most popular open archive of scientific publications. Contains more than 500 000 articles in physics, mathematics, computer science and biology.
    CiteSeerx Electronic library of publications in computer science. Contains a wide range with additional features on the analysis of autonomous citation index (Autonomous Citation Indexing - ACI), search and articles analysis.
    PLoS Public Library of Science - 8 journals in medicine and biology published by non-profit organization of scientists, which seeks to establish open access on the scientific literature for the public.
    BioMed Central Available 196 scientific journals in medicine.
    PubMed Central Free digital archive of 530 journals from the biomedical sciences and life sciences, supported by US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Some journals are temporarily unavailable for some months to half a year since the printed date.
    OSTI Energy Citations Database (ECD) - scientific database supported by US Department of Energy, Office of Scientific & Technical Information. Contains more than 2.3 million bibliographical records and more than 193 thousand electronic documents since 1943.
    NARCIS Archive containing more than 163 thousand scientific publications and more than 20 thousand doctoral dissertations from universities and scientific institutions in Denmark. Most publications are available in full text.
    CiteSeer Open archive in computer science (more than 750 thousand documents).
    Cogprints Cognitive Science Eprint Archive - Open Repository with the cognitive sciences (psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science, philosophy, biology).
    E-LIS The open archive for Library and Information Science - a repository of scientific publications support by the Ministry of Culture of Spain.
    HighWire Press Repository of the libraries of Stanford University. More than 1 thousand magazines, 4.5 million peer-reviewed full-text articles, out of that 1.8 million with free internet access.
    J-STAGE Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic - more than 500 scientific journals (about 250 000 articles) from different areas of knowledge.
    LISTA Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts - a professional database for library and information professionals, which includes more than 600 full-text journals, books, research reports, conference proceedings with all the problems of library science and information technology (with a retrospective of the 1960s).
    Open J-Gate Portal of electronic journals - more than 4 thousand journal titles, 50% - reviewed academic journals.
    RePEc Research Papers in Economics – відкритий архів з економіки (робочі документи, журнальні статті, компоненти програмного забезпечення. Містить 700 тис. документів, 600 тис. з яких є у відкритому доступі.
    TRC Teacher Reference Center – 260 найбільш популярних освітніх, в т.ч.  адміністративних професійних журналів, періодики та книжок для вчителів та бібліотекарів (оподаткування, безперервна освіта, педагогічні дослідження, навчальні медіа тощо).
    Theses Canada Portal загальнодоступні канадські дисертації за період 1998-2002 рр.
    U.S. PTO US Patent and Trademark Office - US Patent for the period of 1790-1975. Search by patent number and Current US Classification.
    Hindawi Hindawi Publishing Corporation - more than 100 peer-reviewed journals on engineering, mathematics, physics, science, and medicine with free access.
    EZB Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek - Electronic library of magazines of the University of Regensburg; More than 30 thousand magazines with full-text articles, including more than 15 thousand free access (marked in green).
    Free Medical Journals Database of medical journals with full text; access with registration.
    Ingenta Multidisciplinary bibliographic database; offers access to more than 28 thousand scientific journals with extensive search possibilities.
    IPL Internet Public Library - about 3,000 electronic journals of various fields.
    FindArticles Search service (since 1998) of more than 300 magazines and publications of the world in the field of management, economics, computer science, technology, education, sports, art.
    MEOS Minerva Electronic Online Services - interdisciplinary, bilingual (German and English) database of scientific journals of different publishers; searching of the bibliographic data and abstracts is free.
    New Jour Searching system of electronic publications available on the Internet; supported by Georgetown University. Search engine for 150 thousand electronic and printed journals in many fields of knowledge.
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