Vitalii O. Ploskyi D.Sc.

Ploskyi Vitalii Alekseevich
Ploskyi Vitalii Alekseevich
Vice-Rector for Scientific-Research and International Relations
Vice-Rector for Scientific Research Activity and International Relations;
Academician, Science Academy of Ukrainian Higher Education;
Academician, Academy of Building Construction, Ukraine;
Professor, Civil and Architectural Engineering;
Chair, Department of Architectural Structures;
Chair, Specialized Doctoral Thesis Defense Council KNUCA;
Supervisor, Research Laboratory for the Study of the Energy Efficiency in Construction and Architecture "The Energy-KNUCA";
Founder, Annual International Scientific and Practical Conference on "Integrated Energy-Efficient Technologies in Architecture and Construction".
D.Sc. APPLIED Geometry and Engineering Graphics, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA);
Ph.D. APPLIED Geometry and Engineering Graphics, Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute (now KNUCA);
M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Ukrainian Institute of Water Economy, Rivne (Now NUWMNR).


  • Modern Applied Geometry;
  • Engineering Graphics;
Technical Esthetics;
  • Architecture of Building Construction;
  • Computer Technologies on the Building Construction Designs.


  • Research Supervisor of 1 Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) and 7 Ph.D. Fellows;
  • Structural Features of the Geometrical Modeling Methods;
  • Constructional Physical Processes;
  • Graphic Design Technologies;
  • Research System on the Problem of Technical Esthetics in Architecture.


Author of a number of the books on Building Construction Architecture as well as more than 180 scientific and methodical articles.


Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture,
31, Povitroflotskyi Avenue, Kyiv-037, 03680 Ukraine.




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